Looking for a pretty vanity

Living in a house with My 3 Son's (Remember the show!  Maybe not for you youngin's) and my husband, I sometimes feel I need a total girly area of my own.  So, I'm on a mission AGAIN.  I'm going to make a space that is girly, feels feminine, and sophisticated.  Even though it's a small area, the space needs to house my makeup, hair tools, perfumes, etc. AKA...all things girly :)  I'm talking about a vanity!  A pretty vanity!!   I have been scouring the internet for vanity inspiration. 

I know that I want a "light" feeling, not a "heavy" piece.  Since I'm obsessed with mirrored furniture, it has to be a mirrored vanity!  For sure!  I really like the piece in this first picture.  The size and drawers of this piece is the look I want.

Via livelovediy

The next piece is just way to "heavy" looking for me.  It is also has a more traditional feel.  Nope, not what I'm looking to do.


Mirror and chrome! Sexy legs! Love.It.  If it were a little larger, it would be perfect.
I know what I want, I just have to find it.  I'm off to search for my vanity!  

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