Mission: Black Door

After much thinking and many glasses of wine, I finally decided to paint the front door BLACK!

How it went down:

I'm really excited and extremely nervous because what if it looks horrible or THIS happens. I'm not joking when I say I got palpitations reading Allison's "epic fail"!  I would have needed a tequila drip line if that had happen to me!   Therefore, because I'm not exactly besties with sandpaper, frog tape and brush lines,  I have scoured the blogs for all "don't do what I did...learn from my mistakes" to hopefully not have their mishaps happen but to give me a beautiful result!  Say a prayer :)

Let's look back at this sad, sunburned, old (it's 5 years old), diamond in the rough!
Embarrassing doesn't begin to describe how I feel...seriously what was I thinking to wait so long to paint it!

I decided to go with Lowe's Valspar Ultra in Satin - The Ultimate Weather Defense.  The afternoon sun hits the front of our house and the Georgia sun is H.O.T...hot..hot as Haiti's!! I hope this paint is the ULTIMATE, if not, this door is going to need serious laser treatment with all the UV's it gets ;)

I used a Purdy roller and Prudy 1.5" angle brush.

I am not the "gotta tape stuff" kinda girl but rather a"cut-in and hope I don't have touch ups" kinda girl.  HOWEVER, after reading so many blogs about how to best paint the front door, the wise one's suggested to use Frog Tape and I would thank them later!  I was a hot mess by the time I finished taping the windows and the bottom. I must say it was well worth the time invested in taping :)

I then started painting EXACTLY as instructed :)

via the idea room.....thank you!!

As I was painting, Hubs came out and asked if I wanted help.  So, of course, I said sure and for him to only paint the top of the sides and I would paint the bottom but do not touch the door.  I told him there is a specific way to paint the door and it has to be done that way.  He looked at me and asked if I had been drinking!  Hello...I will be if this doesn't look right!  I said, honey I do not want to have to repaint, sand, or buy a new door, so we have to paint in the exact order.   Lo and behold!!!! I looked up and saw he had started painting the left side of the door!  Seriously! I yelled NOOO...STOP!  He almost dropped his paint tray (my palps started and I almost dropped my tray).  I said, DUDE we just talked about the proper order to paint this door!  He told me I must be dehydrated.  *Thank you, I will take it from here babe...mmmwwahhhhhh*

It was so hot while I was painting and the sun was now in front of the house.  I just wanted to get 'er done!  Thank goodness the sun went behind the clouds and finally it was a little cooler.  NICE.  But then I noticed the sun was behind clouds for a long time. hmmm let me see....

this is not funny .... for real!

Oh yes... it's coming!  We have had so much rain in the last few weeks (like flooding amounts of rain), you would think we were in Seattle.  I had to hurry up and paint as fast as I can but taking care to not MESS up!

And in an instant, there was sun...crazy weather!   ahhhhhh (1st coat done!)

Because I had a tough time taping the windows, I did not tape the hardware.  I know I can definitely cut-in around those babies!

I can do this...I can do this
guess I should have removed the hardware :(

I have to say I love our new door!  I'm just upset I didn't paint it the minute we moved in! I'm in love...serious love :)  Thank you to all the bloggers that gave detailed instructions and shared their unfortunate mistakes.  It means the world to me!

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