Beautiful things make me happy!

I went to the Atlanta Merchandise Mart with a friend as I am helping to decorate a local restaurant. They are wanting comfy and cozy with a modern feel.  The Mart is 2 or 3 buildings and about 5 to 8 floors each (A decorators heaven).  Needless to say, on our one day trip, we only saw 2 floors in one building!  But what I saw was so beautiful.  I really wanted almost everything I laid eyes upon.  Warning...picture heavy! Enjoy :)

Hello gorgeous!  I'll find a place for you :)

I love the funky lights!

Here they are as a trio and notice the silver pendant.  I'll take 2 of those please :)

These gorgeous lights would be great in a Master Bathroom or Master Closet.

Loving the metallic circular mirrors against the dark blue...I want!

Isn't this an awesome beverage cart!

Sorry for the blurry picture but blue velvet and chrome!  Had to :)

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