Dining Room

This space is connected to the foyer and is the second thing you see when you enter the house. 

How it began......
Notice the color on the walls...this was before the bank painted them infant poo GOLD

Even before we moved our old dining room furniture, I knew the furniture wasn't going to "make it" long term.  It did the job, but my decorating wheels were on over drive!!

So sorry for the bad quality of the picture

One day, LB said some of the legs were wobbly and needed to be fixed or replaced.  I think I just heard  angels singing!  I quickly said, your right, they definitely need to be replaced.  (I had already found chairs that I completely fell, head over heels, in love with as well as a buffet!)  I said... in my sweetest, pleeeassseee let me redecorate the dining room voice... honey, I found the chairs I love and you will too but they don't go with our traditional table and buffet. And not to worry because I also found THE buffet that is perfect for this room!  He smirked and said, OK I see where this is going...I guess we are redecorating the Dining Room!  I had my mind set on a certain pedestal table but because I'm not a wait 6-8 weeks kinda girl...I was on mission.  I finally found my table!!  I knew as soon as I saw it. 

4 chairs may be a little crowded???

And let's not forget about the light fixture.....I get giddy looking at it :)   The sunsets in the front of the house so I open the curtains and the entire room looks like diamonds on the walls!

I love this room...between the mirrored buffet, nailhead trim on the chairs, the crystal on the chandelier....I have to stop there because the post will end up inappropriate!

Breakfast Room

I thought this room was so cute.  Standing in the kitchen and looking into the backyard...I could see the boys running the yard!

Now it's warm and cozy :)


Nice and Open...Can't wait to see the kiddos running and playing!

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