Mirrored Vanity..Found It!

I have been looking for everywhere for a mirrored vanity.  They are not cheap let me tell you!  To the tune of $300-$800 and upwards, for the size I wanted.  I was really having to reconsider the mirrored idea until about my 6th trip to Home Goods.  I saw it!  I was like a cat stalking it's prey.  I am serious.  I pounced on it as if there were a dozen women surrounding it (no one was even looking at it).  They were asking $199 and because there was a small damaged place in the back, they gave me 10% off!  Excited is an understatement.  I got flushed and giddy as if I hit the lottery!  Well, maybe not the lottery but you know when you feel like a vision isn't going to be revealed and you get all mopey?  Come on, you know.  I thought the mirrored vanity wasn't going to happen for me but not today friends! I'm doing the happy dance inside and giving mental high 5's.  Now that I'm typing my inner feelings, I'm questioning is it normal for someone to be so excited over such a thing.  I'm going with YES!

I digress, I bought the vanity and went straight to the craft store.  The vanity is mirrored but copperish (I make up words as I go along).  It's funny because it's almost the same color of my walls that I haven't gotten around to paint.  I am definitely over the dark color of the walls and the copperish color of the vanity.

I wanted to silver leaf the vanity but it is such a pain.  I am telling you, the decorating angels were with me because Liquid Leaf was waiting for me!
Via Michael's

A small amount goes a long way!  You can't even tell it was copperish :)

I love it so much and love sitting there getting primped.  Beautiful does not have to be expensive.

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