I was at my local fabric store last week.  I am helping to redecorate a restaurant in my area.  While searching for fabrics to reupholster booths and chairs, I found fabric to reupholster my headboard! The fabric store gives me the happy goosebumps!

 I was scanning around and WHOA! There it was...my headboard fabric!

The fabric I chose is about to cause a bedroom make over!  I will do a tutorial on how to make my upholstered headboard.  Keep looking for the update!

Black Door Inspiration

Our front door is in need of major help!  The sun sets against the front of our house and the door looks like it has sun damage..apparently the builder didn't use the proper sunscreen :)   Poor thing looks sad.

I have my mind set on a black door.  I have been looking at a lot of pictures and I have seen some that I like.

Via Baby Rabies

Via the idea room

Via onehundreddollarsamonth

A black front door would look fantastic because our house exterior is a grey brick, French Provincial.  I have to do my research as to how to paint it because I DO NOT want to have to strip it and repaint.  

Media Storage

There is one area, in particular, that I can never seem to keep organized.  Having three boys means we have A LOT of gaming stuff video games and accessories.  We have gaming paraphernalia like girls have clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags! I have organized and reorganized and reorganized times 100.  I just can't seem to figure out how to keep these things in their proper places.  Hence....the gaming tornado!

The DVD's are a mess and I see they are not in their cases.  Scratch anyone??  That's going to make for a bad road trip!

So I am once again pulling it all out and starting over!  I found that the video games aren't in their cases either!  The kids tell me this cabinet looks like this because, when their friends come over, it's how THEY leave it!  I said seriously do I look like I don't live here and see how you all leave things???  And then there were crickets.....mama knows!

After much thought, I think I have solved the DVD and video game dilemma.  Cases!  Yes media cases! It has to work....

No more bulky individual cases.  No more leaving the cd's lying out to get scratched.  They slip out and right back in!   Easy peasy!!  Now we can just pick up the cases and walk out the door for a road trip!  Previously, I would have to pack a separate bag just for the DVD's and games.  Now...2 cases!!  I can hear Louis Armstrong singing....I see trees of green....and I think to myself what a wonderful world.

And we have calm again :)

Mirrored Desk....Office update

I definitely am "agreeable" to grey :)  The color is so refreshing, clean and crisp.  It is not blue at all.  The different shades of grey throughout the day are all beautiful.  I really can't say enough about not having to repaint this room!

I bought a mirrored desk!!  It did not break the bank....woot woot.  Seriously, I got a great deal! I couldn't believe it. It's the Lusetta Mirrored Desk from Joss and Main.  It arrived a week early!  Hubs didn't know the desk was coming and that I was painting.  He walked in after work and saw it "ready".  Whew, he loved it :)  I'm not going to tell him right now that ALL of the gold walls need to be painted, as I still love being married to him!  

See the pen holder my little peanut made for me.....love my baby!

Yes that is a wine decanter!

I am so inspired sitting in the office now... I may have to write a book! ha ha

Dunt Da Da Da..... the color for the office is.....

I hope I agree as well :)

Here I go and I'm not off to a good start.  MY ladder, that I love, is MIA!! Seriously....how does a 10 ft ladder disappear?  I had no choice but to improvise.  Feast your eyes on the beast...

I feel that I must preface the following statements, "that I may or may  not have had breakfast" before beginning MISSION GREY and therefore was not thinking clearly!   

OK...soooo I carried this monster, BY MYSELF, through a few openings that I now need to touch up.  (Just pretend that I couldn't have brought it directly from the garage and through the french doors...yes those french doors in the picture and directly into said room.)  Oh and getting the ladder open, almost didn't happen.  I had to lean that sucker without busting the doors (opening them probably would have helped) and bringing down the ceiling fan!  I may have, slightly, torn my rotator cuff to keep it from falling but, definitely more important, I'm on a mission!  I only used the ladder for the cut-in, in that particular corner, because I couldn't fit it around the furniture and the ceiling fan to finish the rest of the rooms cut in's.  {Oh, did I not mention that I like a good challenge. and that when I paint I do not move furniture out of the room???} nope, no way, fugetaboudit......I will work around any obstacle and touch up as needed ha ha.

Here we are primed and I'm not loving the look.  Wow the original color looks infant poo a little pumpkin spice, no?  I really do not want to repaint this room if I do not like the color.  When taking this picture, I realized I forgot to take out the screw, fill it in, let dry, and prime.....to be continued!

I'm SH-READING what I'm going to do with all this paper!

A new year means reorganizing and throwing out what is not needed. I have papers from years ago...I mean YEARS ago! It's actually embarrassing that I have moved these papers from house to house without going through them.  I clearly had better things to do :)  Well...now is the time!

I can't believe I let this go for so long.  Let the shredding begin!

Say hello to my lil friend!

I enlisted my oldest son to help me out...well, we have a new system going on around here (I will explain about that later).  Wow...not even half way through the box and look at the bags!

5 bags!! Really....and look at that box still half way full
This weekend is all about finishing the shredding and getting ready to paint!  I chose the color (I hope it looks nice).  Can't wait to redecorate the office.

To grey or not to grey...that is the question!

Since our home office feels like Indiana Jones works in here, it's time to update.  I'm looking for small changes with big impact!  We all know where that begins.....PAINT!  I have looked at these dark, gold walls long enough.  I want something fresh and clean and most important, completely different.  I'm thinking GREY!  A nice grey that isn't blue or green.

Ok now I'm scared.  I really do not want to repaint several times before I get the "right" grey.  I have been googling images and while some pictures are beautiful, how do I know what it will look in my room at a given time of the day???  I need samples!

Now to throw a curve ball into my decision process, I am now considering off white!  I can't remember the last time I had a white wall in my house.  I just figured since I have dark furniture, off white would look classy.

Now I need another sample!
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