Mirrored Desks

Now that I am deep into home office makeover, I'm thinking a new desk would be nice.  I have been crazy, in love, with mirrored furniture for quite some time...and what is better than to have a mirrored desk in the office!  Everything I have seen is expensive and definitely not in my budget.  I love being married to my awesome husband so I must'n shock his system with a pricey piece of furniture that I don't need since we already have a desk  that I need.  I found a few that I like but I am not liking the price :(

Lusetta Mirrored Desk is in the budget if I can buy it quick enough!

Via Houzz

This design is so pretty and very french looking...ooh la la :)  However, I think the desk is too traditional for my taste.
I really like the clean lines and pewter accent and of course the gorgeous crystal knobs.  The drawers are a bit too small for my constant clutter.

The search continues......

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