Looking for a pretty vanity

Living in a house with My 3 Son's (Remember the show!  Maybe not for you youngin's) and my husband, I sometimes feel I need a total girly area of my own.  So, I'm on a mission AGAIN.  I'm going to make a space that is girly, feels feminine, and sophisticated.  Even though it's a small area, the space needs to house my makeup, hair tools, perfumes, etc. AKA...all things girly :)  I'm talking about a vanity!  A pretty vanity!!   I have been scouring the internet for vanity inspiration. 

I know that I want a "light" feeling, not a "heavy" piece.  Since I'm obsessed with mirrored furniture, it has to be a mirrored vanity!  For sure!  I really like the piece in this first picture.  The size and drawers of this piece is the look I want.

Via livelovediy

The next piece is just way to "heavy" looking for me.  It is also has a more traditional feel.  Nope, not what I'm looking to do.


Mirror and chrome! Sexy legs! Love.It.  If it were a little larger, it would be perfect.
I know what I want, I just have to find it.  I'm off to search for my vanity!  

Vintage Cane Chair DIY

I have been looking for a chair for my office and wanted a bold fabric pattern.  I knew I wanted something with a zebra or leopard pattern but everything I saw was a small fortune :(  So...DIY it is!  I was in my local Goodwill and found a Cane Chair in sad shape.  It looked ratty and the smell... oh the smell was horrible!  I could see that it was looking to be beautiful again. It turned out really nice!  I will begin with the "after picture" because I can't wait to see finished projects right away so maybe you do as well! (btw...the yellow table is also DIY coming in another post).

Not pretty but has good bones.

I have to be honest this chair smelled so bad. I wasn't sure if something would jump out when I started taking it apart.  It had three layers of fabric, nasty foam and the burlap was goner!

On to making her pretty again!

I  never liked spray painting because of the cramps in my fingers so I couldn't get even coverage. I would get frustrated and try to rush and then I would get the dreaded drips :(   But lo and behold (insert the hallelujah choir) the Comfort Grip!  Thank you Rust-Oleum!  A must have when spray painting.  No joke.

I replaced the burlap, foam, and batting on the seat.  On the seatback, I wanted to add support but couldn't find nylon webbing anywhere.  I found handbag strapping for $.25/yard!  It's quite sturdy. Done. I'll take it.  I also wrapped batting around a piece of cardboard for the back of the chair so it stays nice and cushy looking.

The next phase was covering the chair with my Zebra Patter fabric!!  It has a suede texture and feels luxurious.  I'm so excited and a little nervous.  I must share that the Rotary Cutter was a life safer!  For. Real.  It glides along channels or groves and cuts precisely. It has a spring to cover the blade until you put pressure where you are going to cut and then the blade is exposed to cut.  It's very sharp so be careful.

I couldn't wait to get to this point...the BLING!  I used the nailhead trim that is like a rope, instead of the individual ones.  How hard can it be to tap in individual ones every five holes?  Well, let me tell you!  I am so thankful they provide at least 30 extra because I used every one! I.am.not.kidding.  It was funny at one point until I realized I had used so many extras that the ones I had left, I couldn't break or make a mistake or I wouldn't finish.  Not funny.

Done and beautiful :)

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Beautiful things make me happy!

I went to the Atlanta Merchandise Mart with a friend as I am helping to decorate a local restaurant. They are wanting comfy and cozy with a modern feel.  The Mart is 2 or 3 buildings and about 5 to 8 floors each (A decorators heaven).  Needless to say, on our one day trip, we only saw 2 floors in one building!  But what I saw was so beautiful.  I really wanted almost everything I laid eyes upon.  Warning...picture heavy! Enjoy :)

Hello gorgeous!  I'll find a place for you :)

I love the funky lights!

Here they are as a trio and notice the silver pendant.  I'll take 2 of those please :)

These gorgeous lights would be great in a Master Bathroom or Master Closet.

Loving the metallic circular mirrors against the dark blue...I want!

Isn't this an awesome beverage cart!

Sorry for the blurry picture but blue velvet and chrome!  Had to :)

Pineapple Infused Vodka...Yes please!

I have been wanting to make my own Pineapple Infused Vodka for quite some time.  I first had a sip on date night with Hubs.  Let me just say...I ended up having more than a sip :)  It is so yummy that you forget that your drinking straight vodka.  It's so good it's dangerous!

I wanted the pineapple to look nice and yummy and, of course, organized, in the jar.  Not just pieces thrown inside and it look like a mish-mash or after thought.

When I laid the pieces cut in half on the bottom, they were too big and not how I wanted it to look so I cut them in quarters.

Now they were too small and just didn't have that beautiful, organized look I was going for.  So I went back to cutting them in half.

I cut up the remaining pineapples in quarters and stuffed them down the middle.  I did not want an implosion.  Not pretty.

It turned out so pretty.  I took pictures and sent them to everyone I know!

Isn't she beautiful!!  Yeah I know :)   This jar holds 5.75L.  I used 3 fresh pineapples and 1 1/2 bottles of good vodka (1.75L each) .  I added a little pineapple juice since I made this on Friday night and I was serving it on Saturday night.  It was delish!  Ya know how I know????

I had to refill it during the party!  Yum'ola!  I had Mango Passion juice on standby since the added vodka wasn't exactly infused at that point.  Needless to say, everyone had a great time!  I had to put an Adult Only tag on the jar because the kids thought it was pineapple water...just an FYI if you make one and kids are around :)
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