Home Office

This is what the home office looked like before we moved in.   I can see lots of possibilities in this space....the first thing needed is to paint these walls but I have other rooms to do so it will have to wait.

Since this house is technically move-in ready, I am waiting for a while to make changes.  In the meantime, this is what the office looks like since we moved in....

I'm clearly uninspired....thus the mountains of clutter!

It's a pretty room even as is but I'm really done with gold walls.  I want a fresh, clean look.  On my to-do list for sure!

Laundry Room Closet

This closet always becomes a mess within a few days of cleaning it.  I had school supplies in here and here, so I realized that I had to come up with organization that is teenager proof!  


Having teenage boys means bigger backpacks, coats, and SHOE SIZES.   We have more hats than you can buy at the stadium.  They are all over the house.

Once again, the closet is clean and the boys are keeping it clean.  Whew!  One of the boys has a 14 shoe size and another is a size 12 so I am on the search for baskets that will accommodate each size and still look stylish :)  This is also where we keep all belts for the boys.  Otherwise, they get gobbled by the closet monster, under the bed monster, or just simply disappear into thin air!

More Kids Supplies

The GOOD....

Not long after moving in (of course I didn't find a place for everything) and with the kids going to school and sports in full swing, I had to organize quickly. This is a miscellaneous cabinet in the laundry room and the craziness of some of the school supplies and crafts. The bottom shelf didn't start out this way but is what happens when boys have better things to do than to put things back the way they originally found them :)

The BAD.....

There is a bottom cabinet that I have to admit is where I threw "stuff".  Important, useful things!

After throwing out a construction bag worth of stuff....just look at the rest of what came out of two cabinets that needed a home.

The UGLY.....

It is the messy cabinet where I decided to house kids supplies and crafts in an organized system...as in EVERYTHING has a place with a drawer or a lid.  It my "you-can't-just-throw-it-back-in-system"!
Ahhh.. it's a beautiful sight :)

The kids have been so happy since they can find everything and have been really good about putting things back in their place.  Occasional reminders, but all and all....WOOT WOOT!!

Kids Supplies

I was feeling a little stir crazy from all of the kids supplies in different places and the utter chaos. The boys just didn't want to deal with the mess and would get frustrated because they couldn't find things easily. So Mama's OCD (Organizer of Chaos Deliverance) Mission began!!

I don't know what I was thinking when I threw the supplies in a drawer without organizers! The pencils and pens were lined up and grouped but quickly became a total mess.


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