Recovering my bar stools

I do not spend a lot of money on furniture.  Since my boys were little, there were always spills, toys banging into furniture, and definitely some unrecognizable gunk (mom's know what I mean) that I have chisel to remove :) furniture.  I needed a few bar stools for the kitchen and found three on clearance at Target.  The material is NOT kid friendly but I knew at some point I would recover them and all would be good.  Wellllll....3 years later they are still not recovered.  I cannot believe I would just keep scrubbing them every so often only to have them stained at the next meal.  Let me show you how I recovered these nasty things!

Embarrassing :(
I was at the fabric store looking for material to make curtain panels when I remembered these stools.  I promptly went to the leather looking fabric and DONE!  Bar stool project in full effect!

I flipped the stool over and unscrewed 4 screws that held the cushion to the frame.

Not complicated at all :)

I then laid out the fabric and left about 5-6 inches around the entire circle.

I stapled one side of the fabric and pulled the exact opposite side taut and stapled.

I continued stapling all around the circle.

I flipped the stool over and screwed the cushion back to the frame.

I can't believe I didn't recover them as soon as I brought them home!  

Fireplace Facelift

This family room needs a makeover.  I will definitely start with paint and will then give the fireplace a much needed face lift. The fireplace surround and mantle are definitely too small and lacks pizzazz for the space.  The room doesn't get afternoon sun so I am feeling this space needs to have a light wall color and somewhat modern feel.

*edit...I have to show you the after, first, so you can see how far this room has come!

Here is how bleak and sad this room started:
this was the picture sent to me...sorry for the quality, but you get the is needed :)  

I chose Swiss Coffee paint for the walls.  I know many people use it on baseboards and moldings these days but I didn't want a bright/stark white wall, rather a creamy that is not too yellow.

After painting the room, we began construction on the fireplace MAKEOVER.  Yes it is BIG!  The slope of the ceiling is not symmetrical....and I love me some I chose to keep it straight instead of hugging the sloped ceiling.

see the channel is a must!

 I rearranged the furniture and TV layout.

It's looking beautiful.  Seriously gorgeous!

The fireplace IS the focal point of this space.


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