To grey or not to grey...that is the question!

Since our home office feels like Indiana Jones works in here, it's time to update.  I'm looking for small changes with big impact!  We all know where that begins.....PAINT!  I have looked at these dark, gold walls long enough.  I want something fresh and clean and most important, completely different.  I'm thinking GREY!  A nice grey that isn't blue or green.

Ok now I'm scared.  I really do not want to repaint several times before I get the "right" grey.  I have been googling images and while some pictures are beautiful, how do I know what it will look in my room at a given time of the day???  I need samples!

Now to throw a curve ball into my decision process, I am now considering off white!  I can't remember the last time I had a white wall in my house.  I just figured since I have dark furniture, off white would look classy.

Now I need another sample!

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