I'm SH-READING what I'm going to do with all this paper!

A new year means reorganizing and throwing out what is not needed. I have papers from years ago...I mean YEARS ago! It's actually embarrassing that I have moved these papers from house to house without going through them.  I clearly had better things to do :)  Well...now is the time!

I can't believe I let this go for so long.  Let the shredding begin!

Say hello to my lil friend!

I enlisted my oldest son to help me out...well, we have a new system going on around here (I will explain about that later).  Wow...not even half way through the box and look at the bags!

5 bags!! Really....and look at that box still half way full
This weekend is all about finishing the shredding and getting ready to paint!  I chose the color (I hope it looks nice).  Can't wait to redecorate the office.

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