Media Storage

There is one area, in particular, that I can never seem to keep organized.  Having three boys means we have A LOT of gaming stuff video games and accessories.  We have gaming paraphernalia like girls have clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags! I have organized and reorganized and reorganized times 100.  I just can't seem to figure out how to keep these things in their proper places.  Hence....the gaming tornado!

The DVD's are a mess and I see they are not in their cases.  Scratch anyone??  That's going to make for a bad road trip!

So I am once again pulling it all out and starting over!  I found that the video games aren't in their cases either!  The kids tell me this cabinet looks like this because, when their friends come over, it's how THEY leave it!  I said seriously do I look like I don't live here and see how you all leave things???  And then there were crickets.....mama knows!

After much thought, I think I have solved the DVD and video game dilemma.  Cases!  Yes media cases! It has to work....

No more bulky individual cases.  No more leaving the cd's lying out to get scratched.  They slip out and right back in!   Easy peasy!!  Now we can just pick up the cases and walk out the door for a road trip!  Previously, I would have to pack a separate bag just for the DVD's and games.  Now...2 cases!!  I can hear Louis Armstrong singing....I see trees of green....and I think to myself what a wonderful world.

And we have calm again :)

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