What a mess!

Although I do cook, it's not my passion.  I'm more of a taste-the-end-result kinda girl ;)  Thank God Hubs loves to cook.  He tells me it helps relieve his stress.  Funny....it stresses me to cook without a recipe and even at that I am still prone to mess up a meal.  Seriously, hubs is a great cook. He should be on Chopped.  He can open the frig and throw things together (I get nauseous thinking about it). The only thing about hubs cooking is that he only cooks with stainless steel and apparently our cook top knobs only have one setting....HI.  Therefore, every pan is burnt.  I think I got tennis elbow from all of the scrubbing!  I have been looking and tried many products to make clean up easier.  Well I found the answer...it's called:


I am not joking when I tell you it cleaned my pans within minutes with barely any scrubbing! Take a look..



Hubs food tastes even better now!! WOOT-WOOT

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