Kitchen Makeover

Hello 1990's kitchen...we are bringing you current!

Didn't know I would need a good picture to put on a blog :(

Those white floors with blue diamonds were not a good thing with kids and dogs.  The counters were just ugly. They were speckled with tan, white, and blue.   I had a vision of modern, and clean, and budget friendly (except for the granite of course)!!  We decided to move the old island to another spot in the kitchen, so I got pre-assembled cabinets and painted them black.  I (added new jewelry) changed the hardware on all the cabinets.  They are transformed!! The new hardware really added to the new modern feel.  The new tile is so nice and I love the running bond pattern.  

We moved the old island to just beside the refrigerator (see next pic).  It fits exactly, as if it was supposed to be there all along.  I went to the manufacturer to get upper cabinets but they were discontinued...of course!   So I did the logical thing and hung a mirror :)  

Although I don't have a picture, we took down the ugly, too small, dirty fan and put up sleek track lighting.

The light fixture over the table was already there, although hung too high, will stay as is.

The black has silver sparkles all throughout.  They are blinged out let me tell you! 

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