Vintage Desk Restoration

My middle son has been needing a desk for his room.  I had been looking for quite some time and because his room is small, it needed to be a small one.  Although, this may be a problem since he is 6 feet tall now!

I found one a few weeks ago at the thrift store and when I saw the price, it was done! It wasn't in the best shape and it had that old, basement smell but I knew I could give this oldie but goodie new life. For $6.99, how could I not?

A few things about my awesome comedian (middle son):  he is stylish, loves bold color, knows the best card tricks (even adults get freaked out how good he is), enjoys decorating AND keeps his room clean and neat all of the time without a word from me!  I know what your thinking...but really, I'm telling the truth!  I knew I could be daring with the color for his desk, so I decided on Benjamin Moore Orange Burst!

I sanded, filled in the dings and blemishes with wood putty, then lightly sanded before priming with my fav primer:

I had Home Depot color match a quart of the Benjamin Moore Orange Burst.  
Notice I use foil to cover my paint tray so I do have to buy a new tray for each project!

At one point while painting, I thought I smelled oranges.  True story!

It really is a beautiful color.  BUT....I needed 4 coats! Patience is not one of  my strongest attributes so I ended up working on multiple projects at the same time (many posts to come). Then finished up with 2 coats of Poly, sanding in between.

I painted the accent molding orange as well.

Even though the desk is working for him for now, I will have to keep an eye out for something larger because it's just too small for him.   I tried :)

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