Lamp love

Let me start by saying that I do not spend a lot of  money on furniture!  Having 3 boys and their friends' being boys as can imagine the wear and tear on my furniture.  I have gone through 3 sets of couches.  Seriously 3 sets. The bigger my boys get, the heavier they get and the more force they use when they "plop down" on the couch!  (To be design taste changes so often that I look forward to having to replace them ;) )    The first set made it through the first years of our 3 babies.  I can't explain how much vomit soaked landed on them. I scrubbed them so much, the fabric looked like they had been sitting in the sun for years!  It's funny because it's where all three boys threw up.  Not the bathroom.  Not the floor.  Not a bucket. The couches. And on me, while sitting on the couch. On. The. Couch.  OK...too much information...sorry just keepin it real ;)

Speaking of the first set,  it came with a set of lamps, end tables and a cocktail table. The lamps are ceramic not wood.  I didn't like the color but loved the shape of them and since I'm loving a light and clean look, it's time to bring the love to my lamps!

Sorry for the bad quality of the pic :(

 I know they are not bad ugly but I'm just ready for a change.  And what better way for a change??  Yes, you know!  Rust-Oleum to the rescue and my love...the Comfort Grip :)

Now, I must say that I did clean the lamps with a cleaner and a rag.  They looked and felt clean and smooth.  Well... they weren't clean enough!  Paint doesn't love dust.  Say it with me!  Paint doesn't love dust!!  I should have cleaned with a toothbrush and used a lent free rag :(

You can see lent up close but I didn't see it when they were brown.
Thank goodness that I do not have friends that use a magnifying glass to inspect details... so I think I'm good for now.  But me knowing it's there is going to make me crazy!

They look so much better...even with the lent :)  


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