An Ode to the migraine!

My oldest son and I are members of a Philanthropy organization and yesterday was the Mom's holiday meeting.  We exchanged gifts and had apps and dessert.  But, while I was shopping for the gift, hubs called and wanted to have lunch.  We had just sat down and I noticed I was having a hard time reading the menu.  The words had disappeared where I was looking, although I could see my peripheral.  Panic set in!  Then it was as if I was looking through a kaleidoscope.  Everywhere I looked, the lights were "dancing".  I was so scared!  My blood pressure must have been through the roof.  I then remembered my father telling me that when he gets a migraine, he doesn't feel the pain but his vision is impaired.  I realized that both of my eyes were affected so I took Advil and hoped for the best.  As we ate lunch, I started feeling pressure in my head and behind my eyes but, thankfully, not the pain of a migraine.  We went straight home so I could, hopefully, sleep it away before my meeting.  When I woke up, I felt so much better and needed coffee!!  I was taking the coffee canister to the basement when...........

I watched in slow motion as the canister hit step after step!  Shock and disbelief is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  I immediately felt nauseous and just left it on the stairs. I needed a moment...actually several moments.  I made the coffee, with the 3 tablespoons that was left in the canister.  Calmly, I told hubs that I wanted to show him something.  As he rounded the corner, he said OH MY GOD...then he saw three stairs and said OH MY GOD  what the???  I nudged him to look all the way up and he said Holy &%*#!!! OH MY GOD!!!'s best to sit and do nothing after a migraine! Unfortunately, I didn't have time to vacuum so my hubs, the sweet man that he is, the regular vacuum wasn't doing the job so he realized he needed to pull out the heavy machinery for this job....SHOP VAC!

The shop vac still didn't clean it all :(   Needless to say...the carpet is stained and now I have to shampoo it!  But it will have to wait for a few days so I can recover from the trauma of disbelief it happened!  Hopefully it will come clean!  Wish me luck :)

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