Fireplace Facelift

This family room needs a makeover.  I will definitely start with paint and will then give the fireplace a much needed face lift. The fireplace surround and mantle are definitely too small and lacks pizzazz for the space.  The room doesn't get afternoon sun so I am feeling this space needs to have a light wall color and somewhat modern feel.

*edit...I have to show you the after, first, so you can see how far this room has come!

Here is how bleak and sad this room started:
this was the picture sent to me...sorry for the quality, but you get the is needed :)  

I chose Swiss Coffee paint for the walls.  I know many people use it on baseboards and moldings these days but I didn't want a bright/stark white wall, rather a creamy that is not too yellow.

After painting the room, we began construction on the fireplace MAKEOVER.  Yes it is BIG!  The slope of the ceiling is not symmetrical....and I love me some I chose to keep it straight instead of hugging the sloped ceiling.

see the channel is a must!

 I rearranged the furniture and TV layout.

It's looking beautiful.  Seriously gorgeous!

The fireplace IS the focal point of this space.


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  1. i absolutely love that bump out fireplace. it is so sleek! that is what i wanted to do, but the boyfriend didn't quite carry it out, lol. enjoy yours!

    1. Hi! Thank you! It really is beautiful in person. Everyone that comes to the house stops and stares at it. They go up and touch it as if it's going to disappear lol. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Hi, visiting from Shabby Nest Frugal Friday. I think you were right it was the best decision to go with a "squared off" buildover frame rather than take it all the way up to the sloped ceiling line. Lots of questions: What did you cover the framework in before you stained? Why did you go with a dark stain instead of, say, a whitewashed or "bleached" finish? Will you be putting anything on the area above the fireplace? How long did your project take and about how much did it cost? Am I being too nosy? LOL! It looks great! Love how the fireplace literally glows against the dark background when you have a fire going in it. Very pretty. A dramatic change to the fireplace wall, for sure.

    1. Hi Jan. Because we were updating on budget (a very tight budget) we used pine to cover the frame. I prefer the lines in the pine so it was a win for me. I did consider the "bleached" look but felt it would blend into the walls and since I wanted it to be the focal point, I chose the espresso. The espresso makes the room feel cozy and warm but also modern. So many friends ask the same question, if I will be putting anything above the fireplace, and while it is the "norm" I will leave it as is. It is it's own piece of art...if that makes any sense lol. It took about 3 days from start to finish (including the staining) and cost about $300. We had stain left over from another project so it was just purchasing the boards. And no you are not being nosy lol I should have included these answers originally :) Thank you for your kind words, I love looking at it all the time! I appreciate you stopping by :)

  3. It's amazing how in the old room, that fireplace looks so small, you almost miss it. NOW IT'S AMAZING! And yes, glad you showed the after first because it deserves to come first! SO GOOD! PINNED! And thank you for joining the Found & Foraged link up party. We hope to see you again this Saturday! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Kyla! Thank you! I'm so happy you feel it's amazing too! I love linking up with guys and thank you for pinning and dropping by! Happy Thanksgiving!


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